Research Projects

Here are the projects I am currently working on:

Using IoT to support Assisted Living
The HealthAlert system will monitor activity in the home via a range of comercially available IoT sensors, including movement, location, cameras and health-related. This real-time data, will be securely stored, integrated with historical data and analysed for behavoural patterns or incidents. It will then provide alerts to the patient, carers and medical professionals who can act on the current situation. This integrated approach will support people in remaining independent for longer in their own homes, thus reducing the current strain on healthcare services.
Reducing energy consumption using IoT
To help reduce the anxiety that fuel poverty places on older members of the community, this research aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using commercially available IoT technologies to reduce energy consumption in the home. IoT nodes can be efficently used to collect rich data on the energy usage in the home. This data can be used to analyse the living patterns of the occupant, visualise the trends, and provide recommendations for improvement.
Exposing Wireless Sensor Networks as Cloud Computing Entities
Sensor networks provide a valuable resource for applications which observe the world. A major downside is the time and cost required to deploy, maintain and support application-specific sensor networks. This research aims to tackle this problem by exposing Wireless Sensor Networks as first class Cloud Computing entities. This enables shared usage of resources, easier access models and the development of a market for these resources. This research focuses on a number of different areas, including middleware for integrating the two domains, architectures for efficent access of shared Wireless Sensor Networks and pricing models for shared access to Wireless Sensor Network resources.
Supporting IoT with Cloud Computing Resources
IoT offers a window to the physical world for Cloud Computing users. A vast amount of data can be sensed and analysed for a massive range of applications. However, IoT nodes have restricted resources, limiting their potential usefulness. This project aims to investigate the possibility of enhansing the ability of IoT through the use of Cloud Computing resources. There are a number of interesting research challenges in this topic such as energy usage for sensor nodes access Cloud Computing resources, middleware support for integrating the two domains and aggregate techniques in IoT Networks.
Large-scale Scientific Computing with Cloud Computing
Scientists in a wide range of fields perform large-scale computation on grid resources. Increasingly it is becoming obvious that cloud (public and private) resources offer a attractive alternative to scientists. Cloud-based computational resources offer relatively cheap, on-demand, flexible and vast resources. This project investigates the integration of cloud options into scientific workflow engines.
Graph-based adaptivity for Distributed Systems
The structure of Distributed Systems can largely be modeled as graphs that describe the interconnections between computational units. This project will use graph manipulation techniques to adapt distributed systems to changing environment conditions. Based on feedback from the environment, graph nodes can be replaced, removed, added, new connections created; all being enacted on the modeled distributed system. Target case studies include P2P systems, sensor networks and scientific workflow execution on the grid.

Successful Research Students

Research Activities

This is a list of some of my research activities over the years.

I presented my full conference paper at the 2015 Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems conference (TAROS 2015). I presented my full conference paper at the Sixth International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications 2015 (ITA 2015). My Slides are available here. I presented my full conference paper at the Asia Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC 2013) in Bali, Indonesia. My Slides are available here. I presented my full conference paper at the sixth IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Trusted Computing and Communications, Hong Kong, December 2010. My Slides are available here. I presented my full conference paper at the 6th International Symposium on Wireless sensor network Technologies and Applications for Smart Space, Korea, December 2010. My Slides are available here. I presented my full conference paper, and chaired the conference at the 1st IEEE International Conference on Networked Embedded Systems for Enterprise Architectures (NESEA 2010), in Suzhou, China, November 2010. My Slides are available here. I attended the EU, TrustWorthy ICT, Information day for call objective 1.4 in Call 5 of Framework Programme 7 (FP7), on 18th June 2009. I did a short presentation about the integrating project (IP) that I was preparing. I attended the PhD colloquium of the Dieter Schwarz Chair of Business Administration, E-Business and E-Government, University of Mannheim, in copenhagen, June 2009. I presented my full conference paper at the 9th IEEE International conference in Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computer (CCGRID 2009), in China in May 2009. The paper was called "Utility Driven Adaptive Workow Execution". My slides are available here. I was invited by Marios Dikaiakos to give an invited talk as part of the CS Colloquim Series, Department of Computing Science, University of Cyprus on March 11th 2009, Cyprus. Topic was Utility-based Adaptive Workflow Execution on the Grid. My slides are available here. I presented my workshop paper at the 3rd International Workshop on Workflow Management and Applications in Grid Environments (WaGe08), associated with the 3rd International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing - Workshops, May 25-28 2008, Kunming, China. My slides are available here. I was invited by Ewa Deelman to ISI in Marina del Ray, Los Angeles in June 2007 to work with their team for a week on adaptive workflow research. We have since published several papers in the domain. I presented my workshop paper at the 2nd Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science (Works 07), associated withn HPDC 2007, in June 2007. Click here for my slides. I presented a poster at the EPSRC allhands meeting March 2007, click here for the poster. I Attended the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC) I presented my main conference paper at AINA 2006 which was located in Vienna, Austria in April 2006. Click here for my slides. I presented my main conference paper at ICON 2004 which was located in Singapore in November 2004. I attended the Intel IXP workshop October 2004 in Boston USA. I presented my PhD work at Prognets 2003, which wass a internal project conference for EPSRC programmable networking projects. This was located in Brighton in November 2003. I co-organised and chaired a workshop attached to DAIS/FMOODS 2003 in Paris France, September 2003. I also assembled the proceedings, click here.